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Wonderful weather and a busy week of samplings

Enjoying this amazing weather we are all experiencing here in Ottawa helps to remind me of some the differences between being self employed, and employed.
Both situations have their positive and negative points, sometimes in complete contradiction to themselves. As a self employed individual, I am said to have “no boss”. Good point, and true, but to be held accountable to everyone of my wholesale accounts for their scheduled deliveries essentially lands me with numerous “bosses”. That doesn’t even take into account being responsible to the public who are expecting high quality items baked fresh daily. Cant let them down.

Another supposed benefit of being in business for your self is the freedom to make your own hours when you so please. This is a blessing and a bain. Managing a self run business has plenty of challenges not least of which is remaining motivated to get out and accomplish and create new work. If you have trouble motivating your self, this benefit can become a challenge. To my own chagrin spent my second winter in business doing just as much as I needed to to get by and not much more. A spectacular privilege but the budget felt the repercussions!!

All this said, I am happy to be self-employed but have a serious appreciation for the “freedom” of being able to go to work and leave it there, and to be able to count on that pay-cheque even if that month…. you were just was not that into it.

Be Good.

O.F.F. we go!

Absent? Yes. Busy? You bet.

Getting back to business on the web will take a bit of time. The summer has kept me out of doors at festivals, markets, and cottages (yes downtime is mandatory).

This coming weekend we will be at the amazing festival Ottawa Folk Festival. We are your coffee, cookies and Auntie Loos Treats Depot.

Please stop in, say hello, and make our day!

Fresh Baked Coooookies!
Free Smiles!

Changes at Festivals and Festival Details

For the last six years all of our cookies have produced in our mobile kitchen and we have brought that truck to every festival we have done. Last year our business spiked and we added a mobile coffee cart . This year due to outgrowing the facilities of the truck we have left the truck off site and will be serving from a 20×10 foot tent in most instances as well as the mobile coffee cart.