When faced with home improvement problems, such as broken pipes, a leaking faucet or a broken toilet, hiring professional plumbers to do all the work for you will feel like an immense relief. Plumbers naturally do their job very well and they can guarantee a job well done.

So when exactly is it the right time to call for a Plumbing service? And what are the signs that you need to be aware of to find out when your piping system starts to fail on you?

Here are some signs to take notice of before hiring a plumbing service:

  • High water bills – When your monthly bills start rising and you start to notice that your water bill is unluckily high for no definite reason, it is time for you to start taking actions into your own hands and look for the culprit that is causing your high water bill.  High water bills could be a result of a leakage in your piping system, and it is important to get this fixed by a plumber right away. Having these problems may often end up in a bigger problem that you haven’t noticed yet and it could be lurking around your home somewhere. When you hire a plumber, they will effectively be able to track down where the problem started and get to work on fixing it.
  • Bad clogs – clogged drains can appear anywhere in your home and there could be a number of reasons why the drain got clogged in the first place. Clogging can be a result of molds, hair, or even chunks of food that have gone down the drain and have not been fully flushed or worse stuck in your drain pipe. Plumbers offer an unclogging service and can recommend you to buy the appropriate materials to prevent the clogging from happening again. If left unfixed by a plumber this can often lead to build up and bad odor that can become very unpleasant.
  • Puddles – when you encounter puddles anywhere in your home, like in your bathroom, yard or garage, it could mean that you have an underlying problem in your piping system. Problems such as these are regularly caused by a broken pipe, It is very important that you have a plumber look at this so that they can assess the types of plumbing needs to be done on your home. 
  • Water stains – Water stains are pretty obvious when they appear out of nowhere, they can either be found on the ceilings or on the walls of your house. When you start to notice that they will not go away and are starting to get worse, do not hesitate to call for a plumber right away because water stains can damage your home, and make it brittle. These problems are caused by a leak from inside your walls and need to be fixed immediately.
  • Water pressure – if your water is starting go low on pressure even if your water valve is already turned all the way to its maximum limit, then it is time to hire a professional plumbing service to fix your pipes. When these types of problems turn up unexpectedly, it could often leave you with a high water bill.